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Puentecillas Club

Puentecillas Club



What does it mean to volunteer for the UTMP?

  • Actively assist in the provisioning, organization, logistics, etc. functions that are necessary for the proper development of the event.
  • RRespect the Natural Environment in which the event takes place as well as all the facilities or materials at the service of the race.
  • Help and assist both other volunteers and participants of the event that require it.

What does it mean for me to volunteer with the UTMP?

  • Be part of a wide and varied team with great experience in the organization of mountain races and sporting events.
  • Know the trail tests from the organizer's point of view.
  • Delivery of collaboration certificate and participation in the event.
  • Enjoy an intense weekend full of emotions and sensations in an idyllic natural environment.
  • Meet new people who love sports and nature.
  • Share the passion for the Natural Environment and the Montaña Palentina.
  • Participate directly in the dissemination of the tourist and environmental environment of Montaña Palentina and its entire region.

What benefits do I get as a volunteer?

  • When volunteering, you have covered the total expenses of lodging and maintenance during the days that you come to collaborate in the event.
  • Possibility of transportation with other members of the organization to the competition center.
  • You will receive gifts such as those given to the runners (shirts, bags, ...) and how many gifts and gifts the organization gets.
  • Raffles of material and gifts.
  • You will be covered at all times by an insurance of RC and another one of Accidents.
  • If you go with your mountain club, the club will receive financial assistance (after acceptance of the club agreement.) The request to attend as a club must be made from the board of directors, not individually.

What do I have to do to be able to volunteer the test?

Fill out the form that you will find in the following link